We didn’t put this American first. She died because of it.

The best parts of President Trump’s State of the Union speech were all the individuals in the gallery he called out for recognition, from military heroes, to a North Korean defector, to a welder who was said to have benefited from his tax cuts. But, of course, the guest list was carefully curated to support Trump’s polemical points, including his animus toward non-Norwegian immigration. Among those cited were two families whose daughters were killed by members of the transnational MS-13 gang, even though immigrants, even illegal immigrants, are much less likely to commit crimes than the native-born.

There are a few missing people I wish the president had invited: the three daughters of Helen Huynh. Who is Helen Huynh? She was an American citizen — one of the people Trump said it was his “sacred duty” to protect — and she died last Friday, in part because of the government’s restrictive visa policies.

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