Trump is making less sense than ever

The president’s foreign policy in particular defies any kind of sense, common or otherwise.

There are few better examples of the terminal confusion gripping the Trump administration than the competing headlines published by The Post and the New York Times last Wednesday. The Post: “Trump instructs military to begin planning for withdrawal from Syria.” The Times: “Trump Drops Push for Immediate Withdrawal of Troops From Syria.”

Both headline writers were trying in good faith to decipher the undecipherable — the intentions of our mercurial president, which can change as rapidly as the weather in Rapid City, S.D. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may have believed that President Trump was really pulling out and thus felt free to apparently use chemical weapons against the city of Douma this past Saturday. But after years spent criticizing President Barack Obama for sacrificing surprise in military strikes, Trump announced that U.S. missiles — “nice and new and ‘smart!’ ” — would soon be striking Syria.

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