The political center is fighting back

Initiatives for a return to political common sense are multiplying.

This can be a dispiriting time to follow U.S. politics — especially for someone of my classical liberal (a.k.a. conservative) views. President Trump is the most unethical, unhinged and openly racist president in modern history, and yet he still maintains the support of roughly 40 percent of voters and 85 percent of Republicans. GOP leaders know how awful he is but are too cowardly to speak out. Congressional candidates are actually echoing many of Trump’s most offensive and authoritarian statements, from his calls to lock up Hillary Clinton to his attacks on special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. It’s hard to know who is worse — Trump himself or his many enablers.

If there is any silver lining to this dark cloud hanging over our democracy, it is that Trump’s outrageous behavior is provoking opposition from a growing number of good-government groups. Both the center-left and center-right are mobilizing and — best of all — they are cooperating, because they realize that their policy differences fade into insignificance at a time when our core institutions and norms are under assault.

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