Trump Has Picked America’s Enemies in Russia Over Its Friends in Europe

After his most recent trip abroad, the president deserves credit for consistency — but not much else.

Donald Trump’s first trip to Europe as president, back in May, was an unmitigated disaster. He scolded allies, publicly and privately, and shocked his own aides by refusing to affirm NATO’s Article V mutual-defense provision. The best thing that can be said about his return is that at least this time he did voice support for Article V. So give this trip a D rather than the F he earned the first time around.


The Worst and the Dimmest

The wheels are falling off Donald Trump’s foreign policy, and the adults aren’t at the wheel.

Back in 2001, during the “end of history” interregnum between the Cold War and 9/11, Henry Kissinger published a book called Does America Need a Foreign Policy? It was obviously a rhetorical question coming from a master of diplomacy. But now it is a very real issue, because the United States under President Donald Trump does not actually seem to have a foreign policy. Or, to be exact, it has several foreign policies — and it is not obvious whether anyone, including the president himself, speaks for the entire administration.


Worst. Start. Ever.

Don't blame President Bannon. There’s a simple reason Trump’s approval ratings are historically low.

To say that President Donald Trump had a bad first two weeks in office is like saying that Plan Nine from Outer Space was not a great movie.


President Bannon’s Hugely Destructive First Week in Office

The puppet master is leading the Trump administration down a road of carnage.

Don’t worry about Donald Trump — his Republican supporters have been whispering to Never Trumpers like me for months. He doesn’t really mean all of his campaign rhetoric. In fact, he doesn’t have much interest in policy at all, they said. He’ll delegate governing to Mike Pence, Reince Priebus, and Paul Ryan while he plays a lot of golf. You’ll see that there’s nothing to be scared of.