Comparing Donald Trump to Richard Nixon is unfair — to Nixon

Watergate was about a domestic political break-in. Kremlingate is far darker and more consequential.

Kremlingate, the scandal involving the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia, has already led to the firing of the FBI director, the appointment of a special counsel and hints that the president may fire the special counsel, too. Naturally this has prompted comparisons to Watergate. But the comparison is unfair — to Richard Nixon.


Donald Trump’s Russia blunder is horrifying

In a series of tweets, Trump admitted that yes he had shared the information with the Russians but claimed it was proper to do so. In a legal sense he's right: The president can declassify anything he wants. But in a larger moral and strategic sense, Trump committed a horrifying blunder that puts at risk at least one vital U.S. intelligence-sharing relationship


Trump’s Making a Big Strategic Mistake on Human Rights

It's one thing to work with Erdogan, another to praise him for destroying Turkish democracy.

President Trump, mercifully, has not carried out most of his campaign promises. But in one area Trump has been turning out to be exactly as expected — and that is in his disdain for human rights in foreign policy. To be sure, Trump is so erratic and inconsistent that even this statement needs to be caveated in light of his April 6 cruise-missile strike against Syria, which he ordered after being shocked by the gassing of “beautiful babies.” This is exactly the kind of humanitarian intervention he once campaigned against. But Syria aside, with the honorable exception of U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, the president and most of his aides are displaying a marked indifference verging on contempt for what an earlier Republican president called the “freedom agenda.”