An Unprecedented Rebuke for Trump

The president gets a stern warning from the Senate.

Mired in disputes with allies from NATO to Qatar and still unable to fill out his national security team, President Trump has not inspired confidence in his ability to manage foreign affairs. This is leading to a predictable reaction on the part of Congress–the Senate in particular–which is looking to step into the policy-making vacuum.


Unending Savagery

A kingdom of terror.

The criminal regime in North Korea has claimed countless hundreds of thousands, even millions, of victims over the years among its own people who have been imprisoned, starved, tortured, and killed so that the Kim family may enjoy water parks and foie gras. Many Americans have suffered because of the Kim dynasty’s ambitions too—from the 36,000 U.S. soldiers killed in the Korean War to two U.S. officers killed in the DMZ in 1976 while attempting to cut down a tree.